Hammer vpn Airtel Free 3G Internet Trick For Android(100% working)


Hello, guys, Hammer VPN is the best free proxy android app to get free internet on airtel sim and other networks. Hammer VPN is working 100% with Airtel in 3G and 4G network (NO need to root ). We came up with another trick for the free internet with DroidVPN. It is working fine, but it consists of fewer servers and check Download

It is working fine, but it consists of fewer servers and check Download Gb WhatsApp for additional WhatsApp features.

You have to find the better server from available free servers to get fast internet your Android. In this post, you find many methods to get free airtel 3G and  4G internet for free. Do you want to recharge for receiving incoming calls check Rappio.

Update: Hammer VPN is working with 9201 Lport and 9201 Rport Using UDP connection (Verified In Telangana & Andhra Pradesh).

Update: Download Hammer VPN Vfrom Our Site, Downloading from play store is not working. after updating.

Solved: Showing that application is not available in your country Download from here.

Update: There are issues with Hammer Vpn free servers in some states. Hammer VPN is not working. Check Droid Vpn

Fake Gps to change location or Try Droid Vpn(Working now) for free internet access verified on September 2016

What is a VPN in Android & iPhone: 

VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows connecting securely over the internet as VPN act as a medium between Your Device and Yout Internet Service Provider.

Technically You are browsing From Other Proxy Ip address that may be any place in this world.

Let’s consider an Example you are trying to access https://www.tricks5.com from INDIA, but if you are using a VPN which is using USA server, then it means that you are accessing from India but it will consider from the USA according to Server(Website Owner) and you will see view site from the USA.

VPN has Many other Uses: 

  • Hiding Identity (Ip address).
  • To access Region restricted Websites( usually, find in colleges and schools).
  • You can Access your home Network when you are Away.
  • Downloading from websites.

How to use Hammer VPN for Airtel unlimited:

    1. First, activate any small 3g or 2g data pack. [ do recharge of any small twitter pack or Facebook pack]
    2. Now Download hammerVpn App from our Website (Don’t download from Play store as it is not working after update)
    3. Then install Hammer VPN on your Android device.(If you download from play store automatically installed)
    4. Login to Hammer VPN with default details or if you have purchased hammer VPN service then enter login data
    5. Select any free server [There are more than 100 servers choose which you want]

Download VPN App From Our Website

Note: Keep balance less than 30 paise

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Hammer Vpn Download Working Version(hammer vpn advance setting)

(Not available in your country solved)

After update 10th october 2016 then you will see application not available in your country.

Download HammerVpn Working Version

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Hammer vpn advance setting1:(Last verified On December 25 2016):

  1. Select a free server (Don’t select server 1 to 10 there is a less chance of login).
  2. Enter L-port – 9201 &  R-port -9201 (verified in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharastra, Kerala, with no balance).
  3. Select UDP (User datagram protocol) protocol.hammer vpn setting
  4. Then click connect.
  5. You get connected from the server you selected.hammer vpn

If above method 9201 ports are not working with you, try remaining ports respectively.

Then try these this will surely work most people are get connected with 9201 ports. Set following details on HammerVPN to enjoy unlimited free 3g and 4G internet on airtel sim

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hammer vpn setting for airtel 2:

  1. Select any free server(selected 35).
  2. L port – 53, R port – 0
  3. hammer vpn
  4. Select UDP protocol (user datagram protocol).
  5. Then click connect you. Now you get free internet.

Setting for airtel 3:

  1. Select a free server (Paid servers work with default login).
  2. L port – 53 R port – 33019 (verified in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, much more.. with zero balance).
  3. Select UDP(User datagram protocol) protocol.
  4. Then click connectYour connection will established

Vpn Method 4:

  1. Select a free server (There is no effect if you continue with last used server).
  2. L port – 53 R port -49201 (verified in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharastra, Kerala, much more.. with zero balance).
  3. Select UDP (User datagram protocol) protocol.
  4.  Click connect
  5. You are connected otherwise try other server & Method 5

Vpn Method 5:

  1. Select a free server.
  2. L port – 53 R port -49202 (verified in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharastra, Kerala,).
  3. Select UDP protocol (User datagram protocol).
  4. Then click connect then you will be connected.


You are done. Now connect HammerVPN and enjoy unlimited free 3g internet on your android phone with airtel sim and hammer VPN.

Hammer vpn free internet Proof:

hammer vpn

Send fake location on Whatsapp & Other Messaging applications

It is a screen shot hammer Vpn working with zero balance(Check download and upload speed).


Yes it is working good  in many states and verified in Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana,  Kerala, Maharashtra, it is working good in these states (In some states are not working) ,please support https://www.tricks5.com by following on facebookGoogle plus and twitter to get updates & For any questions or failure in hammer VPN working do comment i will help out &  thanks for visiting and stay updated with Tricks5.com


    I am hemanth,from kurnool (a.p).
    the hammer vpn with l and r ports with 9201 worked perfectly yesterday with out speed capping or disconnet problem.But today it is not working.Is there is there any advice to work with out any data pack.Please give me advice as i want your advice…..

  2. i want to be a member of this blog
    i can help a.p members
    droid vpn trick is working with only 9201 udp is working……….
    if it is not working contact me
    only in english and telugu


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